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The History of Astronomy

Thursday, July 18 at 6pm in the Kingsley Room

It seems that every month there’s a major discovery in astronomy. In April an image – not a simulation – of a black hole and its surrounding environment was released. There are rovers on Mars and the Moon, orbiters at Jupiter and Mars, spacecraft visiting asteroids and telescopes in space. This is really a golden age for astronomy. This talk covers the history of our understanding of the world and the sky from ancient times to today. No prior knowledge of astronomy is required – just curiosity.

After the main talk there will be brief talk called, “What’s Up Tonight?”, describing the objects visible at this time of year. Copies of this month’s Skymap will be handed out.

Denis Williamson is Secretary of the Litchfield Hills Amateur Astronomy Club, which has been looking up since 1956. When the “indifferent skies of Connecticut” permit, Denis enjoys looking at the Sun and planets. On warm windy days he’s often sailing on Bantam Lake.

The Rutledge Summer Series was made possible by the Charles H. and Ella Emery Rutledge Fund.

Adult Coloring Club

Monday, July 22 from 2-3pm in Kingsley B
Want to relax? Stop by the Adult Coloring Club!


The library will provide coloring pages and colored pencils.

No registration is required.

“Robbery of the Heart” A Holocaust Documentary

Tuesday, July 23 at 7pm in the Kingsley Room


The tranquil feudal hamlet of Wetter, Germany was an ideal place to fall in love. It was not acceptable in the 1920’s for a Jewess and a Christian to conceive of building a life together. That was the case for Flora Hess and Fritz Kutsch. Their short-lived happiness was shattered by a new cruel reality. In fact, the entire community would be torn apart as Germans enslaved Germans. Wetter was torn apart, scarring the community for generations. Fast forward 70 years when the past and the present come face to face to reconcile the dismemberment of their once serene existence. A boy who once escaped the brutal reach of the Nazis would return to Wetter a man seeking resolution of the past.

This is the first time this film is being shown in Connecticut, and will include a Q&A with Harry and Eva Weichsel after the film.

In 2018 Micah Brandt completed his Directorial debut of, ‘Robbery of the Heart,” a passion project 10 years in the making. Moving forward Micah is continuing to work on several documentary projects. Micah has been awarded Best Documentary Feature for his work on “Robbery of the Heart” at the 2019 Poppy Jasper Film Festival.

Harry Weichsel of Bridgeport, escaped Nazi Germany along with his mother Flori. His biological father died on the Russian Front, His Uncle Oscar along with his grandmother and grandfather were murdered in concentration camps.

Eva Weischel was born in Bridgeport CT and later became a High School History teacher in Simsbury, CT.


Evening at the Movies

Thursday, July 25 at 6pm in the Kingsley Room

Image result for armageddonArmageddon
Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton, and Ben Affleck
Rated PG-13 -2 Hours and 31 minutes

After discovering that an asteroid the size of Texas is going to impact Earth in less than a month, N.A.S.A. recruits a misfit team of deep core drillers to save the planet.

The Elvis Tribute Show

Friday, August 2 at 7pm in the Kingsley Room

Put on your blue suede shoes and join us for this musical conclusion of our Rutledge Summer Series! 

The fast-paced Ultimate Elvis Tribute Show will be performed by New York’s top Elvis tribute artist. 

Lamar Peters was the first Elvis tribute artist to perform at the B.B. King Blues Club in Times Square in New York City. Lamar has toured with the Heart of the King Ambassadors Show Production and has placed top 3 in the Ultimate Elvis Presley tribute contest sponsored by Elvis Presley Enterprise.

The Rutledge Summer Series was made possible by the Charles H. and Ella Emery Rutledge Fund.

Sailing Towards My Father: A Play About Herman Melville Starring Stephen Collins

Tuesday, August 20 at 6:30pm in the Kingsley Room

Join us as we commemorate the 200th birthday of   Moby-Dick author Herman Melville. 

Written and directed by Carl A. Rossi, Sailing Towards My Father is a one-man play about Herman Melville (1819-1891), the American author best known for his whaling epic Moby-Dick. The play chronicles Melville’s life from youth to old age, concentrating on his evolution as a writer and his complex relations with God, his parents and siblings, his wife and children, and Nathanial Hawthorne. 

Stephen Collins grew up in Cambridge, and received a BA in Literature from UMass Boston. After twenty plus years in a sales career, he is back doing what he truly loves – performing and teaching. Recently he has been teaching seminars on Whitman, Hardy, Shakespeare, Frost, and Contemporary Poetry at various locations throughout the country.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Southbury Public Library.

Woodstock: A 50th Anniversary Celebration

Tuesday, August 27 at 6:30pm in the Kingsley Room

Join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Woodstock with this entertaining and informative program. Our guest Craig Harris incorporates rare recordings, archival video, insightful storytelling, group singing, and guided music-making into this presentation. The August 1969 Woodstock Exposition of Music and Art continues to reverberate cultural ripples. This program will stir memories and provide new perspectives. 

Craig Harris has taught, written about, photographed, and played music for more than four decades. He is a percussionist, educator, author, photographer, and the host of a popular weekly Friday night show. He’s performed in concert with Woodstock veterans The Band. He has worked with the group Two Days Jeans and the Gaea Star Band. After teaching music for more than a 25 years, Harris launched his Drum Away the Blues program in 2009.


This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Southbury Public Library.