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Donor Reception

The Southbury Public Library Benefactors’ Reception was held Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at the Southbury Public Library. The reception was to thank the many supporters of the library and to honor Lu Burke and her extraordinary bequest.

The food was donated by the Naugatuck Savings Bank. The wine was donated by Vincent and Rachel Sinopoli and Premier Wine & Spirits.


circulation desk 2

021 (640x480)Lisa Ozga, Southbury & Woodbury Brand Manager Naugatuck Savings Bank, benefactors and special sponsors; Shirley Michaels, Chair, Southbury Library Board; Patti Hine Schlapfer, benefactor


Vincent & Rachel SinopoliVincent & Rachel Sinopoli, benefactors and special sponsors
025 (640x480)Myra Suib, benefactor; Anita and Donald Liebeskind, benefactors


032 (640x480)Ken Kerin, benefactor; Paul & Catherine Palmer, benefactors


034 (640x480)Shirley Thorson, Head Librarian, Southbury Public Library; Ellie Ackerman, Vice-Chair of the Southbury Library Board; Frank Delaney, author and featured speaker; Marea Carroll, benefactor


024 (640x480)Helen Tito, benefactor; Frank Delaney, author & featured speaker


033 (640x480)Wayne and Betty McCormack, benefactors


046 (640x480)Mary Norris of the New Yorker Magazine; Ginny Middleton, Southbury Library Board member; Alice Quinn, of the New Yorker Magazine.


047 (640x480)Shirley Thorson, Head Librarian, introducing Frank Delaney


049 (640x480)Ellie & Glenn Ackerman


030 (640x480)Chuck Crowdis, Southbury Library Board member; Walter Morrissey, Southbury Library Board; Ginny Middleton, Southbury Library Board


Frank Delaney (480x640)Featured speaker and author Frank Delaney


Jr. Friends 2 (640x361)Kenny Bisch, Colleen O’Sullivan, Carly Fernandes, Southbury Library Junior Friends