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Bruce Clark
“A Splash of Color”
Tuesday, December 4th – Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

Mr. Clark was born in Windsor, Vermont in 1943.  As a child, he was always enthralled by the effects of kaleidoscopes, the color spectrum, and all things vividly colored and electrifying to the eye.  Although Mr. Clark never had any formal training, the desire to work within the genre of colored abstracts gnawed at his creative soul.  He began painting as an outlet from the mundane work and obligations, to find excitement and great joy in creating abstract images of vivid colors and putting them on canvas.  He continuously experiments with new materials and techniques.  Presently, Mr. Clark, who is retired and living in New Milford, CT, has amassed a large collection of these eclectic musings and is delighted to share them.

“I have no constraints or inhibitions and thus I am continually experimenting with new techniques and materials with no boundaries.  I have simply painted for pleasure and relaxation for 50 years.  I am happiest when I am creating anything, but my greatest passion is splashing vibrant colors on canvas to create a space that is unique to the interpretations of the viewer.  It is an eclectic collection.”