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Sam Voskov Photography
Tuesday, July 2 – Tuesday, July 30


Sam Voskov, currently a southbury resident living in Heritage Village, immigrated to the United States from Ukraine 35 years ago. Formerly a mechanical engineer, Mr.Voskov enjoys his hobby of capturing beautiful scenes through his camera lens. He has photographed snowy forests of eastern Siberia, arid deserts of the American Southwest, palm-lined beaches along the Gulf coast, ancient streets and catherdrals of Europe, and everything else in between.

“I am blessed and grateful to be an American. I have been a photographer for over a half-century. My camera and I are nearly inseparable. I am fascinated by the beauty of nature and our presence in it. I always seek to caputure some special moment or unique image.”

Mr. Voskov has won several photography contests and can proudly say that one of his photographs has been displayed at the White House.