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Middle School Book Club



Pizza & Pages pretty much says it all.  You read the book and I bring the pizza.  This is a book club for middle schoolers in grades 6-8.  So if you like reading, have an opinion…and an appetite-this is the book club for you!


Our next meeting is Wednesday, December 2nd from 4 to 5 pm.

We’re reading Kringle by Tony Abbott.kringle

“Deep in the land of ghosts and frost, back in the days of long ago, when elves and goblins still roamed the earth, there was a boy named Kringle. He lived a quiet, solitary existence…until his twelfth winter, when goblins attacked his home and cast the boy out into the wilderness.

Now Kringle finds himself adrift in a strange and frightening world. But fate soon intervenes. Through encounters with elves, pirates, the ancient magic of time, and the dark threat of goblins massing for an epic battle, Kringle begins to realize that he has a destiny to fill—and that even a long boy can wield the power to change the world forever.”


Stop by or call 203-262-0626 ext. 110 to sign up today.