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High School Book Club



Books, Food & Friends (BFF) is our high school book club for students in grades 9-12.

We read the latest releases as well as the classics.

Join us for some stimulating discussion, healthy(ish) snacks, and good times.

Stop by or call 203-262-6026 ext. 110 to sign up today.


Our next meeting is Tuesday, July 7th at 6 pm.

We’re reading Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevinelsewhere

 ”Dear Dr. Fujiyama,

     By now, you have probably heard that I’m dead. This means I won’t be attending this year’s regional science fair, which is a great disappoint to me as I’m sure it also is for you. At the time I died, I felt I was starting to make real progress with those earthworms.

     I really enjoyed your class and continue to follow along from the place where I’m now living I now find myself. Dissecting the pig looked pretty interesting, and I thought I might try it. Unfortunately, there aren’t any dead pigs here for me to dissect.

     I was disappointed not to see you at the funeral as you were my favorite teacher, even including middle and elementary school. Not to give you a hard time or anything, Dr. F :)


          Elizabeth Marie Hall, 5th Period Biology”