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Art Gallery

Current Exhibit


Photography by Ray Kwiatkowski
Wednesday, September 5 – Thursday, September 27

Currently on view is an exhibit featuring black and white and color photographs by photographer, writer, and poet Ray Kwiatkowski, including many of his new works.

Ray Kwiatkowski says he first became interested in Litchfield County scenery after college when he had a job delivering newspapers. He started taking black and white photos of country roads and other scenes of beauty, making scenic photography a lifelong pursuit. “I like to exhibit images that are intended to teach as well as bring insight into what is often just a glance away,” said Kwiatkowski, who was influenced by the late photographic artist Donald Bruen. Bruen would also occasionally critique Kwiatkowski’s work.

As a freelance writer, his photos were often featured with his articles. In 2013, a book of his verses and photos was published.


Upcoming Exhibit:

“Farm to Easel” – Ellie Boyd Art on View
Tuesday, October 2 – Tuesday, October 30

 Ellie is a classically trained portrait painter and an avid plein air artist living in Southbury, Connecticut. As a nine-year-old, Ellie ventured into a field in Georgia with a local artist to learn to sketch “en plein air” (outside). The influence of early art encounters continued during her college years at Sweet Briar College.  Living in Paris her junior year, Ellie was able to study the old masters of Europe and the Impressionists first hand.  Later she returned to figurative art studies in Detroit and New York, developing a career as a commissioned portrait painter and a plein air enthusiast.

“Art has always been a big part of my life. In the South, where I grew up, family heritage was an important aspect of family life.  As a child, my portrait was painted by an established Atlanta painter, and I was immediately hooked on the process and the result — a family heirloom. In my own work, I create landscapes and portraits that become treasured paintings.”

She has studied painting with a number of painters including Laurel Stern Boeck, Joseph McGurl, Sherrie McGraw, Colley Whisson, Duane Keiser, and James Coe.  Ms. Boyd’s paintings hang in private collections in Boston, New York, Connecticut, Georgia and Ohio, and Washington, DC.  In 2012, Ellie formed Pomperaug Outdoor Painters to promote plein air painting in the French tradition, and camaraderie with fellow painters in the area.  Ellie enjoys teaching plein air painting and maintains a studio in Connecticut.  The Southbury Library Gallery is Ms. Boyd’s first solo exhibit.