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In the Gloria Cachion Gallery and Brown Room

Lorraine Centrella  

Wednesday, November 1 – Tuesday, November 28


Lorraine Centrella, a Prospect, CT resident is a retired teacher and substitute who has always loved art. She started painting about 9 years ago. Having no formal art training, her technique has come primarily from the painting experience. DVD’s, magazine articles, books and museum visits have also contributed to her learning. As a self-taught artist, Lorraine enjoys painting skies, landscapes, seascapes and flowers. Her latest venture is into the realm of abstract painting.

Lorraine’s medium choice is acrylic paint with its wide range of application techniques which leave room for experimentation and artistic expression. Always intrigued by color and design in the natural world, Lorraine’s paintings reflect her interpretation or impression of surroundings. Many viewers have expressed a sense of being drawn into the scene.
Lorriane’s work has been exhibited twice at the New Britain Museum of American Art, Hartford Art Space, and other Connecticut libraries.

Pompous Grass


Upcoming Exhibit:

Jim Sidway
Autumn into Winter
Friday, December 1 – Tuesday, December 28

Jim’s interest in photography began as a child after watching a Walt Disney’s episode in which a young boy with a simple box camera taught a variety of basic techniques anyone could use to produce interesting photographs. Jim got his first Brownie soon after and later graduated to a Kodak Retina III 35mm – his first ‘real’ camera – and then on to Nikon 35mm film SLR gear and now shoots with Canon digital SLR equipment.

Due to his love of nature and the outdoors Jim’s primary focus was, and continues to be, landscapes. He has also ventured into animal and bird photography.

Jim Sidway